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Servicing & Support

Our service sets us apart. We offer lifetime service and support for each of our solutions, providing unparalleled utility to our clients. We take care of the details before you even think about them.

VIP Treatment

Welcome and Turndown

Our Welcome and Turndown services take VIP care to the next level. Simply let us know you are coming into town (or have someone send your calendar), and everything will be ready and waiting as soon as you step foot in the door. Upon entry, we will have done a complete system check, ensuring each shade, light, and driver is working and up to date.

An indoor-outdoor space in California. The house has a large portion of glass wall that can be pushed away to create an open space, with central AV systems installed by AVIR.
A large commercial private club set in the mountains of California, with comprehensive audio and video systems installed by AVIR.


When it’s time to leave, we make it easy. We place your system in Hibernation mode, saving power, increasing security through physical disconnection, and actively monitoring any on-site or digital threats.


We offer comprehensive training for every system on your property. Whether it’s the first-time training after a fresh install or a later session for your onsite staff, we ensure system literacy for everyone involved.

A luxury, elegant interior with centrally controlled AV systems installed by AVIR.