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Our network of top tier professional partners are a result of over 33 years of networking, vetting, and relationship building.

For Residences

Our process is simple and designed for maximum creativity. Our design specialists walk through every square foot of the house, getting ideas and distilling your vision into something actionable. After the consultation, our engineering team provides a draft that details the plan moving forward, along with a near-exact price estimation. Once the environments and technology are seamlessly integrated into the home, we provide training for homeowners and staff. Finally, you become a partner with AVIR, giving you access to things like our Welcome + Turndown service and our Hibernation service. Additionally, you receive on-demand product maintenance and call-out services.

Our process is simple and designed for maximum creativity.
An indoor-outdoor space in California. The house has a large portion of glass wall that can be pushed away to create an open space, with central AV systems installed by AVIR.
AVIR provides the simplest interfaces and the best products
A large commercial private club set in the mountains of California, with comprehensive audio and video systems installed by AVIR.

For Commercial Projects

AVIR provides the simplest interfaces and the best products. We offer consultation and drafting with near-exact price estimates for our commercial projects and builders. This provides project clarity and allows for accurate budget projections on the client-facing side. Our installation is fast and easily integrated with new builds, ensuring project deadlines are met in a timely manner. Additionally, we provide interface training for all direct users, perfect for hospitals and places of worship that utilize a volunteer force. Finally, we provide long-term service for every AVIR installation, including call-outs and routine maintenance needs.

Working with Partners

Interior Designers

Interior designers choose AVIR when they want the best technology, seamlessly integrated into their designs. We offer a unique selection of specialty products that have the smallest footprint possible and are aesthetically pleasing, without sacrificing performance.

A book of fabric material swatches placed on top of a sheet of paper with specifications for a design on it.
An architect completing an architectural drawing.


Detailed and accurate- the architect’s dream. AVIR’s team of engineers ensure compatibility of all equipment, forward-thinking designs, and detailed drawings for even the most meticulous architect.


From turnkey upgradeable demo systems to fully custom smart homes, world-class builders know that it’s not just our technology that make us special; they choose us because of our team and demonstrated history of excellence.

Architects and Builders on site at a house build, looking at plans.