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Wisdom Audio: Planar Drivers Pushed to New Levels

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August 23, 2023

In the vast universe of audio technology, only a select few brands truly differentiate themselves, stepping beyond the mundane and the traditional. Wisdom Audio, a brand synonymous with sophistication and innovation, stands tall among them.

The Start of Wisdom Audio

Wisdom Audio was started in 1996, not just to add to the existing list of brands but to redefine the landscape entirely. Their mission was crystal clear: surpass the constraints of past designs and existing technologies to produce the world's best loudspeakers.

Driven by passion, their creationsssre not confined to two-channel music reproduction. Whether your desire is rooted in traditional music or the exhilaration of multichannel movie playback, Wisdom Audio has sculpted a sound system to address and exceed your expectations.

A Commitment to Originality

While hundreds of companies around the world produce systems for homes, the majority are rooted in designs that, though slightly polished over time, have remained fundamentally unaltered for over half a century. Wisdom Audio proudly diverges from this norm.

At the heart of their commitment lies the use of groundbreaking technologies and transducers, developed and manufactured in-house. This dedication to craftsmanship and innovation places them in a league of their own.

The Excitement of CEDIA Expo 2023

The air is thick with anticipation as Wisdom Audio readies to unveil a series of enhancements to their lauded 'Insight' product range. Key additions include:

  • P7m-LCR and P9m-LCR Custom Soundbars: These are the brand’s inaugural passive soundbars, crafted to perfection and offering customizable mounting options for every aesthetic.
  • S10P Sealed Subwoofer: This 10-inch marvel boasts 500 watts of heart-pounding performance, designed for versatile placements and concealments.
  • IA-8 DSP 8-Channel Amplifier: A compact powerhouse that delivers unparalleled sound precision across eight channels.
  • ICI6 In-Ceiling Speaker: Tailored for high-definition audio zones and equipped with Wisdom’s game-changing spherical planar magnetic driver.

For those intrigued, they will be showcased in all their glory at Booth 3929 during the CEDIA Expo 2023.

Calibration: The Gold Standard

Understanding the pivotal role of calibration in sound optimization, Wisdom Audio introduces its exclusive "Never Too Late to Calibrate" series. Exclusive to their partners, this service aims to elevate the auditory experience of private theaters and media rooms.

Luc Guillaume, the Managing Director of Wisdom Audio, eloquently states, “We hope to increase awareness of the crucial must-have last step required to reach perfection in any private theater and media room.” In alignment with this announcement, the brand is set to embark on a global tour, bringing this service directly to their clientele.

Wisdom Audio Amplifiers

Product Availability and Demonstrations

While the P7m-LCR and P9m-LCR are available and shipping since August 7, 2023, audio aficionados will need to wait a bit longer for the S10P and ICI6, which are slated for an October 2023 release. The release date for the IA-8 DSP amplifier remains a tantalizing mystery but is expected to be unveiled during the CEDIA Expo.

For those attending CEDIA Expo 2023, prepare for an immersive experience as Wisdom Audio will be demonstrating their products in both 2.2 Stereo and 5.2 Theater systems.


In a world where noise often overshadows true sound, Wisdom Audio invites listeners to experience sound in its purest, most profound form. For homeowners and audio connoisseurs, their products aren't just equipment; they are an invitation to experience the symphony of life in all its richness.


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Wisdom Audio Debuts Expanded Insight Series in Runup to CEDIA Expo 2023

Wisdom Audio also introduces a new, partner-exclusive, audio calibration service for existing home theaters and media rooms.

Nick Boever

Courtesy/Wisdom Audio

In the runup to CEDIA Expo 2023, Wisdom Audio has leveled a flurry of announcements across its products. These announcements include additions to the company’s Insight product lineup, as well as a new calibration service that will be made available to Wisdom Audio partners.

Wisdom Audio will be showcasing these new products in Booth 3929 on the CEDIA Expo show floor at the Colorado Convention Center from September 6 – 9 In Denver, Colorado.

Wisdom Audio Expands Insight Series at CEDIA Expo 2023

While at CEDIA Expo 2023, Wisdom Audio will be debuting the P7m-LCR and P9m-LCR custom soundbars, the S10P sealed subwoofer, the IA-8 DSP 8-channel amplifier, and the ICI6 in-ceiling speaker.

CEDIA Expo Innovation Hub

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Both the P7m-LCR and P9m-LCR are Wisdom Audio’s first passive soundbars and are custom sizeable with options to either be set free-standing, wall-mounted, or directly attached to the TV using a VESA mount.

The S10P is a 10-inch sealed in-room subwoofer that offers 500 watts of performance and can be converted from freestanding upright to down-firing or up-firing. With a depth of just 7.48-inches, Wisdom notes that the S10 can easily be hidden under sofas or cabinets if concealment is requested.

The IA-8 DSP amplifier is a compact 2RU amplifier being added to the Insight series that delivers eight channels of audio amplification at 125W RMS per channel into eight ohms and 250W per channel into four ohms. The DSP model also adds a DSP board, which gives the sub access to all the necessary sound profiles for Wisdom’s Insight and Generic series of speakers and subwoofers.

Lastly, the ICI6 in-ceiling speaker joins Wisdom Audio’s Insight series and is designed for high resolution distributed audio zones, LCR channels, as well as surround and overhead channels. The model comes equipped with Wisdom’s spherical planar magnetic driver (PMD) and a 6-1/2 woofer. The ICI6 also comes with an optional flush mount kit direct from SeeLess.

Wisdom Audio says It’s Never Too Late to Calibrate

Additionally, Wisdom Audio has announced its new calibration series Never Too Late to Calibrate. The service is exclusive to Wisdom Audio partners and is meant to help improve the audio performance of existing private theaters and media rooms.

“We hope to increase awareness of the crucial must-have last step required to reach perfection is any private theater and media room,” said Luc Guillaume, Managing Director, Wisdom Audio.

As part of this announcement, Wisdom Audio has also stated it will be launching a global tour of the service to the company’s client’s.

Availability of Wisdom Audio Products Debuted at CEDIA Expo 2023

Both the P7m-LCR and P9m-LCR are available and shipping as of August 7, 2023. Both the S10P and the ICI6 are not yet available and are expected to begin shipping in October 2023. The IA-8 DSP amplifier is not yet available with a shipping date expected to be revealed during CEDIA Expo 2023.

During its time at CEDIA Expo 2023, Wisdom Audio will be demonstrating each product for use in both a 2.2 Stereo and 5.2 Theater system for attendees looking to learn more about their performance.