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The Underrated Importance of Wireless Networks

Posted on 
September 27, 2023

The Underrated Importance of Wireless Networks: A Close Look at Latest Products by Access Networks

In today's tech-forward world, where the conversation is dominated by smart devices, IoT, and cybersecurity, wireless networks, the very backbone of modern connectivity, don’t make the headlines as often as they should.

Despite their under-the-radar status, they play an essential role, especially in smart homes and businesses. Unveiling the latest line-up by Access Networks underscores this critical contribution, showcasing innovations that boost performance and coverage, ensuring seamless connectivity in various environments.

Innovations by Access Networks


  • Most Powerful Performance
  • Wi-Fi 6 Top Coverage
  • Indoor Wireless Access Point

Offering exceptional performance, the A750 model ensures expansive top coverage within indoor settings, employing Wi-Fi 6 technology for seamless, high-speed connections.


  • Premium Performance for the Connected Home/Business
  • Wi-Fi 6 High Coverage
  • Indoor Wireless Access Point

The A650 model offers premium performance ensuring high coverage for both homes and businesses, thanks to the integration of Wi-Fi 6 technology. Stay connected effortlessly within indoor environments.


  • High Level Performance for the Average Environment
  • Wi-Fi 6 Medium Coverage
  • Indoor Wireless Access Point

For average-sized environments, the A550 stands out, providing high-level performance and medium coverage employing Wi-Fi 6 technology. It’s ideal for ensuring steady and strong connectivity in various indoor settings.


  • Superior Entry Level Performance
  • Wi-Fi 6 Compact Coverage
  • Indoor Wireless Access Point

The A350 is the go-to for superior entry-level performance, offering compact coverage with Wi-Fi 6 technology. It’s a perfect fit for smaller indoor spaces, ensuring robust connectivity without compromise.


  • Superior Exterior Coverage
  • Wi-Fi 6 Omnidirectional Coverage
  • Outdoor Wireless Access Point

For outdoor settings, the B350 provides omnidirectional coverage using Wi-Fi 6 technology, ensuring that every corner of your outdoor space remains connected.

Why Is A Robust Wireless Network Crucial in a Smart Home?

1. Seamless Connectivity:

A robust wireless network ensures seamless connectivity, enabling all smart devices within the home to communicate and function efficiently, offering convenience and automation.

2. Enhanced Security:

Security systems including smart cameras, locks, and alarms rely on steady and secure wireless networks to operate effectively, ensuring the safety and security of residences.

3. Remote Control and Monitoring:

Homeowners can easily control and monitor various home functions remotely, including lighting, climate control, and security, with the assurance of a stable wireless network.

4. Optimal Use of Gigabit Internet:

Having gigabit routers and access points is the only way to take full advantage of a gigabit signal. So, even if you have fiber internet, it's essential to equip your environment with the right hardware to harness those higher speeds. Adequate access points like those offered by Access Networks ensure that users can indeed enjoy the ultra-fast, reliable internet connection that fiber internet promises.

5. Future-Ready:

As technology evolves, ensuring your home has a strong wireless network means it is ready for future smart home innovations and integrations without the need for constant upgrades or overhauls.


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