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The Sonus faber SE: A Masterpiece Reborn

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June 21, 2023

The Sonus Faber SE: A Masterpiece Reborn

Unveiled for the first time in 2009, the original "Sonus faber" was a pinnacle of sonic expression, brought to life by the Vicenza-based company's relentless pursuit of perfection. It represented the brand's ideals, legacy, and vision like no other. Now, over a decade later, a remarkable evolution has arrived - the "Sonus faber SE" - a limited-edition masterpiece available only by special request from premier clientele. This elite offering promises a new level of immersive sound experience, thanks to a comprehensive overhaul using the latest driver and crossover technologies, once again exceeding expectations and redefining the boundaries of audio perfection.

A Masterpiece Revised

Sonus faber has reimagined its flagship model, making it even more exceptional. The Sonus faber SE is not merely an iteration but an exquisite transformation that encapsulates the very best components available in the world today. This exclusive model evolves from the most current knowledge, mirroring the dedication and hard work poured into its creation, resulting in a loudspeaker that significantly improves upon its predecessor.

The Sonus faber Philosophy

Sonus faber is not just a company, but a dream fueled by pure passion. As the R&D Manager, Paolo Tezzon, states, "Research is the essence of the company. The approach is scientific, but the goals are emotions and music. The Sonus faber is the non plus ultra of our dream. A concentrate of experience, intuitions, hard work, and design that finds its meaning in making the music more vivid, natural and captivating."

Ground-breaking Features

Countless man-hours, several years of development, and the infusion of advanced technologies have led to the creation of this reimagined masterpiece. The new features include:

  • Polar Clamshells, Anima Legata, and Tune Mass Damper: Designed to collect vibrations like radar parabolas, these features ensure maximum vibration absorption for pure, undistorted sound.
  • Zero Vibration Transmission: This dampening system inhibits the mechanical transmission of vibration to the environment, eliminating spurious resonance and acoustic feedback.
  • Silent Case: The double walls in layered Okumè wood are shaped with dual curvature and decoupled by a damped visco-insulating layer, eliminating traces of resonance.
  • Sound Field Shaping Technology: This unique feature allows the calibration of dimensionality by setting the optimum ratio between the direct and reverberant field, enabling an unparalleled sense of immersion in any listening environment.
  • The Sonus faber Special Edition: It houses all-new tweeter and mid-range drivers, taking advantage of Sonus faber’s latest research in transducer technology, resulting in stunning sound clarity.

These impressive features are just a glimpse of the entire offering of the Sonus faber SE. Each component, every material, and the design language, all come together to create an audio experience that is as beautiful to behold as it is to listen to. So, brace yourself for a listening experience that surpasses the conventional, taking you into realms of musical realism and emotional engagement you've never known before.


AVIR offers a five-year maintenance service agreement, "M.S.A.".

This M.S.A. includes additional maintenance outside of warranty, to ensure there are no system issues for our clients.

After-hours service: AVIR offers after hours and weekend emergency service and can generally be dispatched to service a system within an hour.

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Original article below: https://www.sonusfaber.com/en/2023/06/21/art-high-end-home-theater-audio/

The ultimate home theater realized thanks to Sonus faber’s speaker collections



Since 1983, Sonus faber has been crafting audio equipment that brings the highest quality acoustics right into the living room. Whether listening to audio tracks or watching a favorite film, our craftsmanship and technology intersect to create a multi-sensory, high-end experience.

A renowned name in the world of high-end audio, Sonus faber offers a diverse range of products designed to create the most captivating home theater set-up possible. From the elegant and accessible Lumina series to the iconic Homage collection and the versatile Palladio and Arena custom installation lines, Sonus faber presents a breadth of options to accommodate different preferences and spaces.


Canali centrali firmati Sonus faber per il tuo sistema home theater

Most Sonus faber speaker collections feature a center channel speaker option. A center speaker, usually mounted below the screen, is ideal for cross utilizing a space for both music listening and cinematic viewing. Center speakers usually focus on voices in movies and television, ensuring that important dialogue is strong and clear against the powerful audio amplified through the surrounding equipment.

A traditional home theater set-up consists of a minimum of five speakers: the center channel speaker as well as left and right speakers in the front and rear. Home theater systems are highly customizable based on each rooms specs and requirements. In-wall speakers, on-wall speakers, bookshelf speakers, or floorstanding speakers can be mixed and matched to create the perfect set-up. Sonus faber has an array of collections to choose from in each of these domains. Featured below are several options to complement any space.


Grazie alla collezione Lumina è possibile creare un home theater che massimizzavalore e versatilità

For those venturing into the world of high-end speakers, Sonus faber’s Lumina series offers a high-quality sound and approachable starting point and configuration. With their streamlined design, the Lumina collection maximizes value and versatility. Paired with a center channel speaker, any of our Lumina bookshelf or floorstanding speakers can be used for dual-purpose music and cinema listening. The Lumina Center I is this collection’s center channel speaker. It offers commanding sound in small- and medium-sized spaces through a horizontal, vented box design.

Packing immense audio into the most compact high-end design of its kind, the Lumina I pair of bookshelf speakers fit perfectly in shelves. On the largest end of bookshelf loudspeakers in this collection, the Lumina II retains the compact quality suited for shelves, but it can also be positioned as a rear channel in the home theater set-up. The Lumina III, an elegant floor speaker, is a tower with a sleek design perfect for a mid-sized space. Finally, the Lumina V is the flagship three-way floorstanding speaker in this collection. With a slender build and high-power handling, it brings depth and emotion to the home theater experience.


La collezione di diffusori Homage crea un sistema home theater per un suono bilanciato e potente

Our Homage Collection honors the music engineering of our past with the technology of the future. As with all our Sonus faber equipment, we craft wood speakers to reflect the wooden string instruments that inspired our passion for music. The pieces of the newest generation of the Homage line are named to pay tribute to some of the most renowned violin makers in music heritage. The Amati is a floorstanding speaker that utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver balanced and powerful sound. Our Serafino hi fi speakers faithfully replicate the sensory experience of a live performance. The Guarneri comes equipped with a new midwoofer, designed to minimize resonance to focus on faithfully conveying sound with utmost clarity. Taking center stage, our Vox center channel speaker ensures precise localization of dialogue, creating a cohesive soundstage that enhances the cinematic experience. Every option allows for easy installation and customization. With their striking aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship, Homage speakers become focal points in any home theater environment.


Diffusori acustici Palladio: linea custom installation per il tuo home theater

Sonus faber’s Palladio line brings the audio experience directly into the architecture of your home. With a range of in-wall speakers, Palladio integrates seamlessly with the room design. Our very first Custom Installation speaker line, Palladio offers ultimate flexibility in creating a multichannel surround system with 5, 7, 13 – or even more– speakers, completing a multitude of room sizes. This line offers five different options for in-ceiling systems and three for in-wall systems and subwoofers. Each model incorporates a selection leather and natural wood fronts, adding on paintable magnetic frames over the aluminum edges to discreetly blend into any environment. Three models (PC-664P, PL-664, PW-662) include a wooden sealed box to insulate the sound and avoid noise pollution to other rooms. Every option allows a CI professional straightforward installation and customization to each room size, unobtrusively bringing movies to life with depth and precision.


Arena di Sonus faber è la collezione di speaker più potente per il tuo home theater

For our most advanced custom installation collection, or what we refer to as CI-Fi (high fidelity custom installation), Arena is the most performative option we offer. Arena offers full surround-sound capabilities for the most immersive home theater experience, with a flexible number of speakers based on room size and preferences. The Arena 30, a 4-way LCR speaker, faithfully reproduces high frequencies with its 38mm silk dome tweeter and 19mm super tweeter. The Arena 20, a 3.5-way speaker, is the perfect complement to the Arena 30 with low and mid/high frequency transducers that accurately reproduce sonic nuance in movies and TV. The Arena 10, a 3-way  in-ceiling speaker, recently launched as an extension of this collection, offering further flexibility and customization options. The Arena S15, a Modular Balanced Subwoofer, rounds out this premier collection to deliver powerful and clear bass with zero vibration. These speakers excel at reproducing dynamic sound with impressive clarity, immersing viewers in a three-dimensional audio landscape that captures every nuance with remarkable fidelity and enhancing every action scene with a tangible audio experience.


Sonus faber’s array of speakers offer an extensive range of choices to build the dream home theater set-up. From the entry-level Lumina series to the high-end elegance of the Homage collection, the versatility of the Palladio line, and the flexibility of the high-performance Arena series, Sonus faber provides options to suit every preference, use case, and room configuration. Regardless of the line, each product is meticulously crafted– hand built, soldered, and wired – with the finest craftsmanship to create striking design that complements exquisite sound. By leveraging the outstanding performance and intricate craftsmanship of Sonus faber speakers, audiophiles and film enthusiasts can replicate their favorite concert or elevate their home theater experience and immerse themselves in the magic of cinema in the comfort of their own home.