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Outdoor Entertainment: Comparisons and Considerations

Posted on 
April 17, 2024

Choosing the Best Outdoor Entertainment: Projection Systems vs. Outdoor TVs

Are you contemplating transforming your backyard into the ultimate entertainment zone but not sure which technology to use?

With options ranging from large-scale projection systems to sleek outdoor TVs, making the right choice can feel overwhelming. Here’s a comprehensive look to help you decide if a two-piece projection system could be the crown jewel of your outdoor oasis.

Understanding the Charm of Two-Piece Projection Systems

Two-piece projection systems, which include a separate screen and projector, offer unmatched flexibility and the potential for a massive display. These systems are particularly compelling for outdoor setups where the space can accommodate larger screen sizes, transforming any backyard into a grand private cinema.

Advantages of Two-Piece Projection Systems:

  • Size and Customization: Outdoor settings often permit larger screen sizes. With two-piece systems, you can create an expansive viewing area that turns your backyard into a cinematic paradise.
  • Visual Quality: Projection systems ensure uniform image quality with consistent colors and brightness across the entire screen. Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screens enhance visibility even in ambient light, making them suitable for different outdoor lighting conditions.
  • Projector Brightness: For clarity in outdoor settings, opt for projectors with at least 2,500 lumens. This ensures vibrant and clear images even during times when there's residual ambient light.

Comparing Two-Piece Projection Systems with Outdoor TVs

Maintaining a Two-Piece System: Designed to be weather-resistant, they include rugged housing that protects against the elements. Regular cleaning and dry connections enhance longevity and performance.

Technical Considerations

When choosing a two-piece system, consider the following:

  • Brightness and Resolution: High lumens for visibility and high resolution for sharp images.
  • Screen Material: Choose durable screens designed for outdoor use to withstand environmental challenges like wind and moisture.
  • Visual Integration: Motorized screens can blend into outdoor décor by retracting when not in use, preserving the aesthetic of your outdoor space.
  • Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Screens: These screens are designed to enhance image quality in bright environments by reducing glare and reflections. This technology allows for clearer pictures under various lighting conditions, which is ideal for outdoor settings.
  • Lumens: measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source, so the higher the lumens, the brighter the projector.

Is a Two-Piece Projection System Right for You?

Two-piece projection systems provide a dynamic and customizable solution for homeowners looking to create memorable outdoor entertainment experiences. They offer superb visual performance suited for various settings and are a standard in home entertainment.

Before deciding, you might want to experience the system firsthand by visiting our showroom, arranging a demonstration. With the proper setup, your space can become a magical venue for movie nights or the ultimate destination for game days.


Deciding between a two-piece projection system and an outdoor TV depends on your specific entertainment needs and outdoor conditions. If grand scale entertainment with a bit more thoughtful setup excites you, an outdoor AV system is right for you. It not only elevates your backyard entertainment but also adapts seamlessly to various outdoor events, turning every gathering into a special occasion.

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