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Our People, Our Strength: How AVIR's Talent-centric Approach Revolutionizes Home Automation

Posted on 
June 7, 2023

AVIR's Commitment to Quality: Raising the Bar in Custom Home Automation

As a leading brand in the custom integration industry, AVIR continually strives to do it better, taking our offering to new heights through our dedication to fostering top-notch talent across all areas of specialization.

Valuing Specialization and Cross-Training

AVIR places significant emphasis on attracting the best talent in every specialization, and our business model involves these experts not just as contributors but also as trainers for our broader team. This culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing is a key differentiator in our market. It allows us to maintain a standard of quality across all our offerings that sets us apart in the home automation industry.

A Team Approach: Ensuring Excellence and Client Satisfaction

Behind every project we undertake is a team of talented engineers and designers meticulously examining every detail. From the conceptual phase to final execution, our dedicated project managers ensure a high level of communication, guaranteeing that our clients are always in the know. The synergy of this team approach allows us to deliver timely and exceptional results, enhancing the client's experience and, ultimately, their satisfaction.

Lessons from the Field: Lighting & Shading Design

Take, for example, the niche area of lighting design. With less than 10% of all projects having a dedicated lighting designer, as noted by lighting designer Peter Romaniello, there's an opportunity for improvement. Recognizing this gap, AVIR continues being a leader in the industry by bringing shading design in-house and developing a list of preferred lighting design partners enabling more projects to benefit from a high-quality and holistic solution.

The result of this integration is an enhanced emphasis on design in more projects, which has led to better overall execution. Interestingly, as AVIR integrated lighting and shading into our offering, we also experienced increased demand for designers, a testament to our ability to raise the standard in all areas of our service by demonstrating to our clients the value in different trades working together with a defined vision.

Embracing Professionalism Across the Board

AVIR’s commitment to professionalism extends to every facet of our work. In the same vein as integrators that have brought on an electrician to their team to enhance the quality of electrical proposals, we aim to deliver comprehensive and detailed project plans for every job we undertake. The goal is to bring clarity and transparency to our clients, a value proposition that truly sets AVIR apart.

Consistency in White-Glove Service

AVIR's inclusion in any home construction or renovation project adds a touch of sophistication and quality that takes the project many levels up, not just "next level". We are committed to providing a consistent white-glove service to every client - architects, builders, or end-users, ensuring everyone involved in the project receives the same high-quality treatment.

Our journey and consistent commitment to quality have won the trust of other trades, demonstrating that AVIR’s involvement guarantees a dedicated professional who will not only elevate their work but create outstanding results for the homeowner. We look forward to continuing to serve our clients with this commitment, always striving to do it better.


If you want to join a team of top professionals making waves in the home automation industry right here in the Coachella Valley, don't hesitate! Reach out to us through our Contact page.

We're excited to meet driven individuals ready to learn, grow, and help us set new industry standards.

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AVIR offers a five-year maintenance service agreement, "M.S.A.".

This M.S.A. includes additional maintenance outside of warranty, to ensure there are no system issues for our clients.

After-hours service: AVIR offers after hours and weekend emergency service and can generally be dispatched to service a system within an hour.

If you are interested in scheduling for one of our professional engineers to design a system for your remodel or new construction project, and you are in the Coachella Valley or surrounding areas, we may be reached at:

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