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Meridian Audio 2023 Secret Project Unveiled

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May 10, 2023

Meridian Audio is gearing up to launch a groundbreaking new product at High End Munich 2023 as part of their "Extreme Engineering Programme", which has been six years in the making.

Though details are scarce, the company promises an "acoustic and visual masterpiece" that will be showcased alongside their DSP8000 XE loudspeaker.

Also on display will be the Meridian DSP3200 loudspeakers in Volcanic Orange and the innovative Vibrohaptic Audio technology designed to enhance in-car listening experiences.

Meridian Audio, a pioneer in British audio engineering, is dedicated to delivering authentic, lifelike, and natural sound experiences to its listeners. By meticulously selecting and engineering every component of their products, they maintain the integrity of the audio signal throughout the entire chain.

With a deep understanding of psychoacoustics, Meridian's system design ensures that all elements work together seamlessly, resulting in an immersive listening experience that captures the essence of the original performance.

Their mastery of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) allows for precise audio signal reproduction, making listeners feel as if the artist is right there in the room with them.

Through the application of psychoacoustic principles, Meridian optimizes playback systems to deliver a truly authentic and natural listening experience, taking users on an extraordinary audio journey. The company is set to unveil its latest audiovisual masterpiece at High End Munich 2023, further demonstrating their commitment to audio excellence.

Meridian Special Edition DSP Towers in a Custom Finish

Meridian DSP Tower Speakers in White

Original Article below: https://www.insideci.co.uk/news/meridian-to-launch-latest-av-masterpiece-at-high-end-munich.aspx



Meridian Audio has teased a major new product launch from the company’s Extreme Engineering Programme, for High End Munich 2023. Details remain under wraps, but the brand has declared it ‘an acoustic and visual masterpiece,’ which is enough reason to be excited.

The new product will make its debut on the Meridian stand, (Atrium 3.1, Room C112).

Meridian’s Extreme Engineering Programme, which began six years ago, was created to re-imagine every element of Meridian’s product platforms, including both software and hardware.

This first Meridian loudspeaker to emerge from the Extreme Engineering Programme, the DSP8000 XE, will also have a presence at the show, in the Audio Reference room. It’s built on a brand-new audio architecture, using higher specification, more powerful components and leveraging Meridian’s expertise in psychoacoustics.

Elsewhere at High End, Meridian partners, AV EMEA will be showing the Meridian DSP3200 loudspeakers in a Volcanic Orange colour. These premium compact speakers are designed for intimate listening spaces, or as part of a larger installation and employ Meridian’s lauded DSP technologies with two integrated amplifiers, on-board digital signal processing, and two drivers.

Integrators will have an opportunity to meet the EbM team (Engineered by Meridian). EbM offers a portfolio of specialised services and unique technology products.

The EbM team will be demonstrating Meridian’s Vibrohaptic Audio technology which integrates into a car seat, in order to emulate a more natural and visceral listening experience within the vehicle, or any other environment for that matter. This innovative technology generates tactile signals from the audio content that are transmitted through the seat to create a more exciting, engaging and realistic listening experience.


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