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Marantz’s All-New AV 10 Receiver and AMP 10 Amplifier

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October 18, 2023

Marantz’s All-New AV 10 Receiver and AMP 10 Amplifier: Elevating the Home Theater Experience

Marantz, an age-old name synonymous with audiophile-grade sound equipment, unveils its stellar lineup: the AV 10 receiver and AMP 10 amplifier. These additions to the Marantz family encapsulate the brand's dedication to extraordinary audio quality, seamlessly pairing elegant design with powerful performance.

Marantz AV 10: The Reference 15.4 Channel Pre-Amplifier and Processor

The AV 10 isn't just another receiver; it's a reference-level AV processor.

Peerless Performance: True to Marantz's commitment, AV 10 delivers sound that captures every nuance, creating an immersive atmosphere filled with spaciousness, lifelike dynamics, and a warm, rich tone.

Technology Front-runner: Modern home theaters demand the latest in audio-visual technology. The AV 10 steps up with support for immersive audio formats, 8K video, room optimization, and integrated HEOS® Built-in streaming.

Exquisite Design: The AV 10 doesn't merely function; it's a centerpiece. The iconic Marantz porthole, premium materials, and subtle sidelights on its front panel manifest a modern interpretation of timeless design.

Customization: With a variety of connectivity options and tuning abilities, the AV 10 can be tailored to suit your individual preferences, making it a truly personal piece of tech.

Effortlessness: The AV 10 is designed to make your life easy. With an intuitive setup process, front-panel controls, and an elegant aluminum remote, it ensures you don’t need to be an AV expert to enjoy its myriad features.

Marantz AMP 10: The 16-Channel Powerhouse Amplifier

AMP 10 is more than an amplifier; it's a symphony of cutting-edge technology and audio excellence.

Peerless Performance: AMP 10 carries forward the Marantz legacy with its spaciousness, warm tone, and incredible detail. It offers an auditory experience that feels as if you're in a live concert.

Technology Front-runner: Engineered with leading technologies, the AMP 10 stands out for its enormous power output, a high channel count, and the warm, rich sound Marantz aficionados have come to expect.

Exquisite Design: The AMP 10 exudes elegance with its Marantz porthole level meter, luxurious materials, and sidelights that subtly adorn the front panel.

Powerful: With 16 channels of commanding power, AMP 10 ensures each sound detail is precisely amplified and meticulously nuanced.

Customization: AMP 10 goes a step further in personalization. With its selectable amplifier modes and thoughtfully curated connectivity options, it offers a bespoke audio experience.

The Perfect Pairing: AV 10 & AMP 10

For those seeking an elite-level home theater experience, pairing the AV 10 and AMP 10 is a natural choice. The AV 10's meticulous sound tuning pairs harmoniously with AMP 10's commanding power, creating an auditory experience that's second to none.

Use Case Scenarios:

  1. Home Theater Enthusiasts: For those who crave a cinematic experience at home, pairing the AV 10 and AMP 10 offers a theater-like ambiance with top-notch sound quality.
  2. Audiophiles: With Marantz's signature warm and rich tone, this duo is a dream for audiophiles who prioritize sound detail and depth.
  3. Luxury Living Spaces: Given their modern and exquisite design, both the AV 10 and AMP 10 fit perfectly in luxury living spaces, offering both an auditory and visual treat.
  4. Customized Audio Setups: For those who like their audio equipment tailored to their preferences, the customization options offered by both units make them an ideal pick.

In conclusion, Marantz’s new lineup reinforces their legacy in the audio industry. Whether you're setting up a new home theater or upgrading an existing one, the AV 10 and AMP 10 promise an unparalleled experience.


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