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Josh.ai Unveils Josh One and New Features: Smart Home Control

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September 13, 2023

Josh.ai Unveils Josh One and New Features: Smart Home Control


Josh.ai, a pioneer in artificial intelligence for smart home control, recently announced a slew of transformative updates, including Josh One, a next-generation control processor, at CEDIA Expo 2023. The update also features a brand-new software model for dealers and expanded partnerships with companies like AppleTV, Schlage, and Genie. What does this mean for homeowners? Let's find out.

Scalability for All

Pricing Models for Everyone

The company has introduced new pricing models aimed at both entry-level and premium users. For those new to Josh.ai's ecosystem, app-based control starts at a mere $10 per month. Advanced users can opt for Josh Micro systems at $30 per month, which provides far-field microphone access.

Seamless System Scalability

Josh One and Josh Micro can support up to one hundred devices, scaling to two hundred, making it ideal for smaller projects. For larger homes and setups, Josh Core can handle from five hundred up to over one thousand devices.

Unmatched Ease of Installation and Configuration

AI-Powered Setup

The Josh One control platform leverages artificial intelligence to simplify installation and setup. Once connected to the network, Josh One can auto-discover supported devices, generate a floor plan, and set up controls, all within minutes.

Intuitive Interface

The newly updated Josh Android App provides an interactive interface for homeowners to easily manage their smart home experience, offering quick access to settings, dashboards, and device controls.

New Integrations and Partnerships

Home Security

Josh.ai has introduced its first direct partnerships with Schlage for locks and Genie for garage door openers. These partnerships will provide homeowners with more convenient and secure ways to manage their homes.

Entertainment and Appliances

The addition of AppleTV support and enhancements to existing integrations with AVPro and Samsung projectors broaden the scope of entertainment options that can be controlled via Josh.ai.

Why it Matters for Homeowners

Enhanced Home Control

With the launch of Josh One, homeowners now have a sophisticated yet simple system for controlling a multitude of smart home devices, ranging from entertainment systems to security features.

Customization and Personalization

The AI capabilities of Josh One allow for a more intuitive and personalized experience. Homeowners can easily customize their setups based on their preferences and routines.


Josh.ai is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in smart home technology. With its new updates and integrations, the company is redefining how we interact with our homes, making them more intelligent, convenient, and user-friendly than ever before. Whether you are a homeowner looking to dip your toes into smart home technology or a tech-savvy enthusiast, the new offerings from Josh.ai have something for everyone.


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Original Article

Josh.ai Launches Josh One, New Integrations, and Features Focused on Control at CEDIA Expo 2023

Josh.ai is announcing transformative updates across its product portfolio, including a revolutionary software model for dealers, new partner integrations, and the next-generation Josh One control processor.

Josh.ai, the leader in artificial intelligence for the custom channel, is delivering on its promise to transform interactions in our connected environments. At CEDIA 2023, Josh.ai is launching Josh One, a major update to the Josh Android App, as well as new integrations with AppleTV, Schlage, Genie, and more!

Josh One joins the Josh.ai product family to provide customers with unmatched value while equipping the industry with the first platform dedicated to home control that leverages AI to assist with system installation, configuration, and automation. The company’s new products and features illustrate Josh.ai’s evolution as a home intelligence platform as well as its commitment to its network of more than 1,500 certified dealers. Josh.ai is proudly leading the industry into a new era of scalable, modern, and multi-faceted smart home control experiences.

“With the launch of Josh One, an extremely cost-effective control platform, Josh.ai now has a solution for projects of all sizes. We’re excited about the flexibility and power Josh One brings, while staying true to our focus on simplicity, innovation, and providing an RMR model that dealers have been asking for. As we expand from voice control and AI to a more complete system, our mission remains focused on delivering reliable, simple-to-install systems that delight customers. We can’t wait to see how the community responds to the launch of Josh One!” — CEO Josh.ai, Alex Capecelatro.

Scalable Software for Every Project

Since its founding in 2015, Josh.ai has positively disrupted the custom electronics industry by proving that software innovation has recurring value for dealers and clients. The company is taking a transformative next step with its software model to increase flexibility for its partner’s businesses while decreasing the barrier to entry for customers.

New Experience-Oriented Pricing:

The value associated with each Josh.ai system offering is based on the user experience enabled by the hardware involved. For entry-level Josh One systems, app-based control is starting at only $10 per month MSRP. With a focus on bringing AI interactions into the home, the company’s recently launched JoshGPT feature will be available to all Josh One customers who opt into the voice accessibility upgrade in the Josh App. Homeowners that would like an introduction into a full-featured voice experience can start with Josh Micro systems at $30 per month MSRP for far-field microphone access.

To simplify system design and scalability, Josh.ai has completely revamped its software as a service offering to align with the number of controllable devices on a project. As entry-level system processors, Josh One and Josh Micro are capable of supporting up to one hundred devices with the ability to scale to two hundred devices. For premium projects, Josh Core starts at five hundred devices and can scale to over one thousand.

In addition to its new scalability structure, Josh.ai is also offering one-time purchase pricing for all of its solutions for the first time. For dealers looking to grow the value of their business with recurring revenue, Josh.ai is substantially lowering its barrier to entry for customers with the introduction of monthly software plans. Annual and lifetime software plans will continue to be available as well for all Josh.ai experiences.

Dealer & Josh.ai Managed Software Plans:

Josh.ai understands that every dealer’s business is unique based on factors like company size, sales approach, and clientele. To cater to every party involved as effectively as possible, while ensuring dealers are compensated for their work, Josh.ai is unveiling an industry-first approach to software management.

For installers that have already embraced recurring revenue to provide ongoing support contracts for customers, and prefer to loop Josh.ai software into their offering, they will receive a preferred margin on Josh.ai software plans. Dealers who would rather not manage software plans will still receive generous ongoing compensation for client projects that are billed by Josh.ai.

Introducing Josh One: The Next-Generation of AI-Powered Home Control

With the launch of Josh One, the industry has entered the next era of the connected home. After pioneering advancements in voice control for the better part of the last decade, Josh.ai is now introducing the first AI-powered home control platform.

While traditional control solutions require antiquated steps that include importing configuration files and loading software updates onsite, Josh One installations are rapidly deployed leveraging the power of AI. As soon as Josh One is on the network, it auto-discovers supported devices, intelligently generates a home’s floor plan, and logically associates corresponding images to each area in the Josh App. Within minutes, customers are able to freely interact with their surroundings and begin personalizing their smart home experience with a beautiful interface.

Josh One serves as a modern platform for customers that do not need or desire voice control. Offering unmatched affordability and sophistication, Josh One systems are built for efficient deployments, optimal supportability, and freedom of choice for user-friendly automation experiences.

Android App 5.0

Josh.ai is debuting its updated Android app for mobile phones and tablets, which is equipped with full device controllers for seamless access over everything an intelligent home has to offer. With the 5.0 update, users will enjoy quick access to their system’s settings, custom dashboards, devices, areas, and scenes.

New Partnerships & Integrations

Josh.ai strives to work with best-in-class industry partners to support innovation while expanding its smart home ecosystem. Josh.ai is excited to introduce new partnerships to offer recommended solutions across device categories while expanding upon existing integrations.

New Access Control Partnerships: Schlage Locks & Genie Garage Doors

Adding to its robust ecosystem of integrated devices, Josh.ai is proud to unveil its first direct lock and garage door partnerships. Through Schlage Encode integration, users will be able to leverage natural voice commands, automated scenes, and tactile control via the Josh App to secure their homes. Integration with Genie garage door openers provides a much-needed solution for the channel, while enabling customers with connected convenience when leaving or coming home.

New Integrations: AppleTV, AVPro, Samsung, & Somfy

Adding to its video content sources, Josh.ai is launching its AppleTV support. Capable through IP control, the integration allows users to navigate their AppleTV interface from the Josh App and Josh Remote.

Josh.ai is excited to announce that it is expanding upon its AVPro and Samsung integrations. AVPro audio matrixes are now compatible with distributing music sources, as well as Josh Core’s VoiceLink responses, across all applicable output zones. Adding to its IP TV support, Josh.ai is rolling out Samsung projector integration to offer more options across the home theater landscape.

Josh.ai is proud to support the new Somfy Tahoma Switch at launch for wireless and retrofit applicable projects. Integrators will enjoy an efficient deployment process for WiFi and ethernet-connected Tahoma Switch installs after enabling third-party integration for Josh.ai in the Somfy app.