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Sound Precision and Design Brilliance

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August 16, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the release of Leon Speaker's Framebar 44UX Powered Soundbar, meticulously crafted to match the sophistication of Samsung's The Frame TV.

If you've yearned for a soundbar that not only complements the aesthetic beauty of your TV but also delivers outstanding audio clarity, your wait is over.

A Symphony of Sound and Style

The Framebar 44UX Powered Soundbar is no ordinary sound equipment. This soundbar stands out as an epitome of exceptional craftsmanship, bringing together sophisticated design and unparalleled sound technology:

  • Custom Design: Tailored to seamlessly match the width and finish of Samsung's The Frame TV. Want a size to match a TV larger than 90" diagonal? We’ve got you covered; get in touch with our Customer Service Rep for a personalized quote.
  • Audiophile-Grade Sound: Fitted with 4” ultra-thin woofers and 1” silk-dome tweeters, the soundbar delivers extreme precision and musical detail that will make your favorite tunes, riveting movies, and daily TV shows sound even more lifelike.
  • Powered Amplifier: The FrameBar-44UX-PWR is powered by Leon’s OTO MCA 200 amplifier, proudly manufactured in the USA by Audio Control®. With a dynamic output of 100W per channel, expect nothing short of stunning realism in every beat, dialogue, and sound effect.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The soundbar not only delivers on the audio front but is also a visual treat. Choose between the standard Black fabric grille or upgrade to our exclusive Designer Grille Fabrics to perfectly match your room's ambiance. The decorative powder-coated metal cover plates further accentuate its style quotient.
  • User-Friendly: Easy accessibility for service or maintenance ensures that your sound experience remains uninterrupted. Plus, with Leon’s exclusive mounting brackets, wall-mounting is a breeze.
  • Handcrafted Perfection: Each Framebar 44UX Powered Soundbar is handcrafted with precision in the USA, ensuring you get a product that stands the test of time and technological advancements.

A Seamless Fusion of Technology and Art

With a minimum width of 45", the FrameBar 44UX-PWR is not just a soundbar; it’s an artistic statement. At a competitive MSRP of $4,250.00, it promises an immersive audio experience without compromising on design elegance.

In today's world, where every corner of our home reflects our style and personality, why should our soundbars be any different? Elevate your audio-visual experience with the Framebar 44UX Powered Soundbar and let every note resonate with your soul.

Final Thoughts

In the arena of home entertainment, the Framebar 44UX Powered Soundbar by Leon Speakers emerges as a game-changer. It's more than just a soundbar; it's a testament to how design and technology can come together to create a symphony of unparalleled experience. Welcome to the future of home audio systems, where every sound echoes with precision, clarity, and beauty. Dive into the world of impeccable sound and design with Leon Speakers' latest offering.


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