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November 8, 2023

Meridian's DSP9

Meridian Audio's DSP9 floorstanding loudspeakers, priced at $85,000, debuted to acclaim at Munich High End Show.

Blending state-of-the-art technology and industrial design, these speakers from the Extreme Engineering Programme are the epitome of high fidelity.

Meridian Audio DSP9, new for 2023

Weighing 68kg each, the DSP9s sport a compact design with a curved cabinet that not only pleases the eye but enhances acoustic performance by reducing diffraction and internal standing waves. Inside, advanced drivers, including a beryllium dome tweeter and four subsonic bass units, are powered by a mix of Class AB and Class D amplifiers, delivering a full-spectrum audio experience that's as detailed as it is powerful.

The DSP9 also boasts user-friendly features such as the Meridian Select finishing service, broad axis dispersion, and innovative technologies like Full Frequency Alignment and Image Focus Plus for personalized audio staging. Its performance shines with extraordinary resolution and bass that extends below 15Hz, enveloping listeners in a three-dimensional soundscape.

Meridian's holistic design philosophy is evident in the DSP9, marrying aesthetic elegance with acoustic excellence. It is equipped with extensive connectivity options, including digital inputs, analog modules, and Bluetooth, and is complemented by bespoke digital signal processing and protective features to ensure consistent, high-quality output.

With the DSP9, Meridian offers a loudspeaker that's as much a design statement as it is a testament to superior audio engineering. It's a luxurious investment for those seeking an unparalleled listening experience.

Meridian Audio DSP9 Comes In Custom Finishes

DSP9 is the latest product to emerge from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Programme; a result of years of investment and research at the extreme edge of audio design. The unique and fundamental Programme has been built around Meridian’s approach to delivering authentic, natural and lifelike sound and results in a level of performance never previously achieved on a loudspeaker of this size.

Advanced engineering was used to create the striking sculptured exterior lines and sophisticated three-dimensional spaces within the cabinet to enhance its performance. The DSP9 also features Meridian’s Precision Sonic Transport which uses innovative techniques and processes to ensure the entire journey taken by an audio signal through a product maintains maximum sonic fidelity, so that the listener is immersed in authentic and realistic sound.

Click here to go to Meridian Audio's website for the DSP9, which includes a virtual 360 tour of all its beauty.

Meridian Audio DSP9 Side View (Left) and Front Vieww (Right)

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