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Crestron Home OS 4

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January 24, 2024

Crestron Home OS 4: A Fresh Start to Your Smart Home in 2024

As we step into a new year, Crestron is not just following the smart home trend - they're setting it.

The latest release of Crestron Home OS 4 is transforming the landscape of home automation with a focus on intuitive control, personalization, and a seamless integration of lighting and entertainment features. Here's what this update brings to your smart home experience.

Introducing Crestron Home OS 4: A Leap in Intuitive Control

Crestron's newest operating system, Crestron Home OS 4, is all about enhancing user experience. Immediately noticeable are the polished graphics, user-friendly icons, and an overall layout that's designed to be more fluid and intuitive. The larger text and streamlined filters aim to reduce the number of taps needed to control your smart home, making it easier to see more rooms at once and access the features you need quickly.

Personalized Smart Home Experiences

Understanding that every homeowner's vision of a perfect smart home varies, OS 4 empowers users with greater personalization. This update puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to easily schedule tasks, automate systems, and create a vivid picture of your home with the new room image view. Whether it's dimming lights, adding color, or setting scenes, OS 4 caters to your unique preferences.

Crestron Home OS 4 Control at Your Fingertips

Lighting and Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Crestron Home OS 4 takes a significant step forward in the realm of lighting and entertainment. It integrates multiple lighting protocols and devices, including Crestron and third-party fixtures, under one unified platform. This means more control over dimming, color adjustments, and scene creation, providing a holistic approach to lighting your home just the way you like it.

Simplified Access and Enhanced Control

The new OS isn't just about aesthetics and functionality; it also focuses on ease of access. With native Xfinity® Voice Control integration, managing your home is as simple as speaking a command. The whole home paging feature is particularly handy for larger homes. Plus, with a single password sign-in, customizing your smart home's functions has never been faster or more secure.

The new Crestron Home OS 4 App Layout

A Free Upgrade to Elevate Your Experience

Perhaps the best news for existing Crestron users is that the upgrade to Home OS 4 is completely free. This update will automatically apply to all Crestron touch screens, while mobile devices and tablets can simply download the latest app update. This seamless transition ensures that your smart home stays at the forefront of technology without additional investment.

Crestron Home OS 4 is more than an upgrade; it's a statement. It reaffirms Crestron's commitment to pioneering in the smart home industry, making 2024 a year to look forward to for homeowners seeking a more connected, intuitive, and personalized living experience.

Crestron Home OS 4 Launch 2024

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