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Collaboration Between Screen Innovations and CarbonBlack Technology

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March 13, 2024

The Collaboration Between Screen Innovations and CarbonBlack Technology

In an ambitious move to enhance home and commercial entertainment, Screen Innovations has teamed up with CarbonBlack Technology to introduce a groundbreaking screen material, CarbonBlack Hybrid Pro. This innovative product promises to transform large venue projections by offering an alternative to LED video walls that is not only cost-effective but also boasts superior contrast in brightly lit environments.

The Birth of CarbonBlack Hybrid Pro

Screen Innovations revealed CarbonBlack Hybrid Pro following a partnership announcement with CarbonBlack Technology at last year's InfoComm show. Developed by CarbonBlack Technology's founder, Liam Mahon, in the Netherlands, this carbon-based screen surface utilizes nanotechnology to reflect light, specifically from laser-driven projections. The material's black color is designed to throw off light, achieving a stunning visual performance.

CarbonBlack Hybrid Pro stands out for its high contrast retention—95% in high ambient light—making it ideal for large venues. Its flexibility and foldability reduce setup and breakdown labor, crucial for touring productions. The material supports edge-blending for multi-projector installations and offers a wide viewing angle, ensuring no loss of image quality from different audience perspectives.

Stage Presence and Versatility

The screen has already graced stages, notably in Adele's "Weekend with Adele" residency in Las Vegas, demonstrating its potential to transform live entertainment experiences. However, Screen Innovations envisions its use beyond commercial settings, aiming to accommodate residential installations as well. Its ability to be cut into any shape or size and mounted on various screen assemblies makes it a versatile choice for different settings.

A Dream Come True for Large Scale Venues

Ryan Gustafson, founder of Screen Innovations, praised CarbonBlack for its revolutionary capabilities, emphasizing its potential to deliver massive native 4K+ images at a fraction of the cost of LED light walls. This innovation not only offers financial benefits but also ensures flexibility and upgradability for future technologies.

CarbonBlack's Technological Edge

CarbonBlack® technology offers a plethora of benefits:

  • 95% Contrast Retention: Preserves deep blacks even in well-lit conditions.
  • Edge Blend: Seamlessly combines multiple projectors for expansive displays.
  • Versatile Projection Compatibility: Works well with ultra-short-throw, standard-throw, and even 4K laser projectors.
  • Wide Viewing Angle: A 160° cone ensures an immersive experience for the entire audience.
  • Transport and Installation Ease: The material's foldability simplifies logistics, significantly reducing time and costs.

Furthermore, CarbonBlack® is available in an acoustically transparent variant, maintaining its ambient light rejecting qualities while allowing for clear sound transmission.

Transforming Large Venues and Beyond

Originally designed for entertainment venues requiring visual immersion, CarbonBlack®'s partnership with Screen Innovations broadens its applicability to residential and other commercial installations. The technology promises to deliver an unmatched viewing experience, rivaling the brightness, depth, and clarity of traditional LED screens, but with the added benefits of projection screen flexibility and motorized assembly versatility.

This collaboration marks a significant advancement in projection technology, offering an innovative solution that blends performance, design flexibility, and cost efficiency. As the entertainment industry evolves, CarbonBlack® and Screen Innovations stand at the forefront, ready to redefine the standards of visual excellence in both commercial and residential settings.

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