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Coastal Source Going Ketra-Ready with Lutron

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November 29, 2023

Lutron’s Path to Outdoor Brilliance: Unveiling Ketra-Ready Solutions with Coastal Source

Hot on the heels of their latest announcement of the immersive Luxury Experience App, Lutron, a leader in intelligent lighting and automated shades, is now taking a significant stride outdoors. In a groundbreaking partnership with Coastal Source, Lutron has introduced a Ketra-ready lineup of outdoor products, blending the art of outdoor illumination with the science of natural light emulation.

Lutron's Leap into Luxury with the New App

Lutron's recently launched Luxury Experience App, a revolutionary platform available on iPads, is redefining the interaction between users and Lutron's luxury residential products. Designed as a digital storytelling device, this app showcases the transformative power of Lutron’s automated shades, intelligent lighting, and intuitive controls in a uniquely engaging manner. “Our new app reshapes how users envision home lighting, shades, and controls,” says Ben Bard, Vice President of Lutron Luxury Residential. The app’s camera functionality seamlessly integrates digital elements with real environments, allowing for an unparalleled virtual experience in customizing and visualizing Lutron products in any space.

Lutron Luxury Experience App
Lutron's recently launched Luxury Experience App

Innovative Features of the Luxury Experience App

The Luxury Experience App is not just about visualizing products but about bringing to life the “natural light story”. An interactive scroll simulator in the app demonstrates how Ketra intelligent lighting harmonizes with the sun's color temperature changes throughout the day. Another notable feature is the shades openness simulator, enabling users to find the perfect window shade fabrics while maintaining the desired balance of outdoor views, light filtering, and privacy. Additionally, the keypad configurator feature allows for personalized design previews, matching users’ unique tastes and home décor.

Lutron Luxury Experience App Shades

Coastal Source Joins Forces with Lutron

In a collaborative effort with Coastal Source, a pioneer in high-performance outdoor audio and lighting, Lutron has developed the first-ever Ketra Ready outdoor lighting solution: the line voltage Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light. This solid brass fixture, UL approved and designed for longevity, is engineered to house the Ketra full-spectrum E26 or E25 S30 LED lamp, introducing unparalleled lighting quality to outdoor spaces. “This fixture brings the advanced light source and controls of Ketra to outdoor environments, enhancing their beauty and functionality,” says Franco D’Ascanio, co-founder and CEO of Coastal Source.

Coastal Source Ketra

Redefining Outdoor Lighting

Lutron’s Lighting Business Development Manager, Ricardo Benucci, highlights that Ketra Ready is a collaborative endeavor to create fixtures compatible with Ketra Lamps. The Ketra Ready Modulus Bullet Light by Coastal Source stands as a testament to this synergy, bringing the magic of Ketra's natural light emulation outdoors. This initiative not only opens up new possibilities for outdoor lighting design but also emphasizes Lutron’s commitment to expanding the reach and capabilities of its intelligent lighting solutions.

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