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Case Study: La Quinta Country Club Home Gets Comprehensive Audio/Video Upgrade

Posted on 
March 15, 2023

Comprehensive AV Installation:

An Elegant Home Theater Experience

They sought to upgrade their Crestron home entertainment system.

The main goal was to create an immersive entertainment experience in their home that was both sophisticated and intuitive to use.

The existing home theater system included a 120-inch screen, a surround sound system, and 4K projector. While satisfied with their current setup, they were interested in upgrading to improve the overall image quality and take advantage of the latest technology.

Being avid movie watchers, our client wanted to improve their viewing experience by upgrading their audio and video systems while also exploring the potential of Crestron home automation. After researching home automation companies in Palm Desert, they reached out to AVIR, a leading home theater installer in La Quinta.

During the initial consultation with our team, the client expressed their desire for a an audio and video installation project that included multiple systems and components such as TVs, speakers, receivers, and a full home theater system.

Because the client is a member of the Hideaway Golf  Club in La Quinta, we were also tasked with ensuring that the installation was discreet and seamlessly integrated into the home's existing décor. Our team made sure that every component would be installed cleanly and complement the home's interior design.

Assessment & Discovery

The Projection room:

We considered several options but discovered that we were limited to the depth of the existing space of the current projector. Our Residential Sales specialist, Yasin Chaudhry, got in touch with his contact at Sony Pro Cinema, to check on product and technology forecasts. He was informed that there is a new projector in the works.

- The existing existing micro-perf screen would need to be replaced with a new fixed 16x9 woven screen, designed for 4K.

- The Samsung LCD displays were dating and would be replaced with new Sony 4K displays.

- Existing speakers would be replaced with three, top-of-the-line Wisdom Audio line array speakers and two Wisdom audio subwoofers, for enhanced audio dynamics.

- Audio processing and amplification would be replaced with a new Audio Control processor and amplifier.

- The new theater will be calibrated to home theater levels of 105db peak reference. 80-90db of SPL for a room of this size works, but there's always room for more!


Equipment Installed

AVIR's team of experts worked closely with the client to understand their needs and budget, providing a custom solution that would meet their unique requirements.

The team installed an audio and video distribution system that included a Crestron control system for managing audio and video systems, satellite receivers, Apple TV, and Blu-ray players. The system was designed to be controlled through a Crestron handheld remote and iPad, providing the client with seamless and easy-to-use control over their entire home.

As a movie-loving family, they expressed interest in upgrading their existing home theater system. They had a 5 year old 1080P projector, a 120-inch screen, and a 5.1-channel surround sound system. Although they were satisfied with the setup, they wanted to upgrade their system to take advantage of the latest technology and improve the overall viewing experience.

The client’s primary challenge was to find an upgrade that would provide better image quality and sound without exceeding their already substantial budget. To meet their needs, we recommended the Sony VPL-GTZ380 SXRD Laser 10,000 lumen projector that provides significantly better image quality than their existing equipment. Additionally, it offers advanced features such as HDR compatibility and 4K resolution.

We also suggested upgrading their receiver to a newer model that supports the latest surround sound standards, such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

The new theater would be controlled with a new, in-wall 10” Crestron touch screen, programmed with a similar feel and functionality that they are used to in their other Crestron enabled residences, but with an updated graphics set and better stability than the old programming.

We went through every detail to ensure that the installation process went as smoothly as possible. AVIR first conducted a site survey to assess the space and identify any potential obstacles. Next, the team presented a detailed plan to the client to explain the entire installation process, which included the installation of a Crestron Home Automation system to manage the audio and video systems as well as existing automation subsystems.

VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector

Going Beyond The Home Theater, A Complete Crestron Solution

As a leading home automation company in Palm Desert, we knew that the client's needs extended beyond the home theater system. We suggested upgrading their home with a distributed audio system that would allow them to enjoy music in every room of their home. The distributed audio system allows for the streaming of music and audio throughout the house, including outdoor areas such as the patio or pool area. The system was designed to complement the home theater system and provide a complete audio solution for the client.

Stable Networking For The Whole Family

To upgrade the client's home with the latest networking technology, AVIR recommended installing a Gigabit networking system. By installing a Ruckus network system, network switch, with support for cloud management, they're ensuring safe and high-speed networking throughout the property. This system now allows them to stream high-quality video content without any buffering or lag. Additionally, the system enabled the client to control their entertainment systems from their mobile devices, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience.

This means that, no matter which room they're in, the entire family can stay connected at the highest speeds available. From important conference video calls for mom and dad, to streaming important gaming sessions for the teenage YouTuber, there's plenty of bandwidth left for big sister to watch and download in 4K resolution.

No More Fuss Over Which Music To Play

As part of their commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, AVIR also recommended upgrading the rest of the home with distributed audio sources. This system provided the client with the ability to listen to music or watch TV in any room of their home, creating a seamless and immersive entertainment experience that was truly exceptional. The system was designed to be discreet and unobtrusive, with speakers that blended seamlessly into the ceiling and walls, creating a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

S90-F/C RTL Subwoofer with Port Extension Kit

Overcoming Common Challenges

One of the challenges that AVIR's team faced during the project was ensuring that the client's equipment was properly ventilated to prevent overheating and damage. This is something that AVIR sees often in homes without dedicated rack or server rooms.

To address this issue, we recommended installing a ventilation system in the cabinets that housed the client's equipment. This system ensured that the equipment remained cool and functioning optimally, providing the client with peace of mind and longevity of their investment.

Results and Benefits

The installation of distributed audio and video systems, along with the Crestron Home Automation system, and a gigabit networking system, resulted in a viewing and listening experience that the client fell in love with.

The new system provided the client with superior sound quality and a high-resolution video experience that exceeded their expectations.


As a leading home automation company in Palm Desert, we knew that the client's needs extended beyond the home theater system. We suggested upgrading their home with a distributed audio system that would allow them to enjoy music in every room of their home.

After the installation was complete, we conducted a thorough testing and calibration process to ensure that the system was working to the client's satisfaction. The results were exceptional. The images were sharper, more vibrant, and more lifelike, while the sound quality was vastly improved, creating a more immersive experience.

The client was thrilled with the results, AVIR's efficiency, as well as the integration with their existing setup. As a trusted home theater installer in Palm Desert, AVIR is the go-to home automation company in Palm Desert for country club members in the Coachella Valley.


Custom solutions ensured that the client's unique needs were met, while attention to detail and commitment to excellence ensured that the client received a solution they loved.

By addressing the unique challenges that arose during the project, such as proper ventilation and seamless integration with the client's existing equipment, the team was able to deliver a solution that not only met but surpassed the client's expectations. The resulting experience is both elegant and easy to use.

  • A high-end audio and video installation project was completed.
  • Multiple systems and components were installed, including TVs, speakers, receivers, and Blu-ray players, among others.
  • An audio and video distribution system was set up with sources such as satellite receivers, Apple TV, and Blu-ray players, controlled through a Crestron handheld remote and iPad.
  • A Crestron control system was installed to manage the audio and video systems, along with existing automation subsystems, which will be connected to the client's app for easy management.
  • A Ruckus network system was installed with a switch and enterprise license and support for cloud management.
  • A WattBox power management system was installed to provide power control through the client's app.
  • The installation was done in multiple rooms, including a media room, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and upstairs rack.
  • Ventilation was installed in the cabinet to prevent overheating and equipment damage.


What makes AVIR unique:

AVIR included a five-year maintenance service agreement, or MSA. This MSA includes additional maintenance outside of warranty to ensure there are no system issues for the end user.

After-hours service: AVIR offers after hour and weekend emergency service and can generally be dispatched to service the system with-in an hour.

If you are interested in scheduling for one of our professional engineers to design a system for your remodel or new construction project, and you are in the Coachella Valley or surrounding areas, we may be reached at:

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Email: Sales@AVIR.com

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